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Folded Thank You Cards

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Folded Thank You Cards

Writing, addressing and mailing folded thank you cards promptly is an essential part of wrapping up your wedding. While many brides take on the lion’s share of this task, it can certainly be shared or divided so that neither spouse is responsible for the whole project. Often this undertaking is one of the first shared endeavors a new couple must tackle and it’s a great way to get your feet wet at compromise and problem solving. Consider one of the following ideas when brainstorming how to get your thank you cards out on time.

His and Hers

Many couples divide this important task right down the middle, with him writing the cards to his family and special guests, while she pens notes to her own side of the invite list. This works well, especially if both individuals have good handwriting and are willing to pitch in and many find it easier to write notes to extended family they already know.


Creating several templates for different kinds of gifts always makes writing cards more manageable. Try writing out several versions of a note for cash gifts and then another set for housewares. When it’s time to create individual cards, use each template as a guide, filing in the specific details, such as the name of the gift, as you go along. This strategy is especially effective for couples where one person feels timid about the contents of the cards.


For some pairs, handwriting, available time or other factors prevent them from sharing the task of writing the cards. In these cases, consider splitting the work into different categories, such as writing, addressing, stamping and sealing. Consider using custom return address labels or a self-inking stamp to minimize the necessary writing. Cooperating together on this first big project can result in some fun memories and lay the foundation for better and increased communication.

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