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Important Bridal Shower Etiquette Every Attendant Should Know

Whether it’s your best friend, co-worker, or your sister that is getting married, the bridal shower is a much anticipated event. Many maids of honor and bridesmaids find that they are unsure of how to plan and execute the perfect bridal shower once the wedding is announced. The following etiquette tips will help you plan the perfect shower, from the photo bridal shower invitations down to the thank you notes sent after the fact.

Who Should Throw the Shower?

Typically, the shower is thrown by the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, or the bride’s friends. Traditionally it is considered inappropriate for the bride or her family to host the shower.

What if Showers Overlap?

The bride likely has many overlapping friends between family, work, and friendships, so how do you deal with the overlapping bridal showers? It is always acceptable to have more than one shower, although no individual should be invited to multiple showers, unless it’s a special occasion.

What Should You Bring?

Guests should check with the bridal shower’s host to determine where the couple is registered. The host is in charge of organizing the registry between the bride and groom to ensure that it is complete by the time the shower invitations are sent. If the bride does not want gifts, simply state so in the invitation.

Who Pays for the Shower?

This can get tricky, because the host may not have time to prepare for the couple to get engaged. One simple idea is for the host to ask the other bridesmaids or close friends to chip in on throwing the shower. Remember that everything should be kept simple and inexpensive, as most of the gifts will come from the guests. The bride should never pay for her own shower.

When Should the Shower Be Held?

Bridal showers should be held 2-3 months before the actual day of the wedding. This gives the bride a chance to relax and enjoy the day without last minute wedding planning hanging over her head.

Shower Etiquette Simplified

At the end of the day, the purpose of the party is to show the bride that she is loved and cared for, and that her friends are happy for her. Keep it simple and cater to her tastes and it will be a party to remember.

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