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Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Rustic Horizon

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Soft Bougainvillea

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Regal Overture

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

Golden Union

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.09

Natural Shine

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

Triumphant Ties

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

Bordered Bliss

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

Exquisite Love Story

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.09

Refined Gratitude

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

Framed Elegance

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.09

Botanical Bliss

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

Diamond Heights

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.09

Swirly Scroll

Thank You Cards As low as $ 1.29

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Thank You Cards Offer Versatile Recognition

Every couple knows that a wedding can be quite a production. It likely requires hours of assistance from many people in order to plan and create a beautiful wedding. At Wedding Paper Divas, we get it. With all the moving parts that couples must address, any bit of help is much appreciated. That’s why we offer a huge range of thank you cards. We want to help you show recognition and appreciation to all the people who contributed to the effort, from the officiant to the maid of honor to everyone who got you a gift. Our one-photo thank you cards put your picture and your gratitude together on one stunning card.

One-Photo Cards

Between your engagement shoot and your honeymoon, you probably snap hundreds of couple photos. How can you choose a single one for the front of your thank you cards? Here are some tips that might help: 

  • Wedding photo: It will be most clear what you are expressing appreciation for if you choose a photo taken on your wedding day. 
  • Honeymoon photo: You might select a shot from your honeymoon for your thank you card. This option shows how you were so happy to be able to relax thanks to the help of the recipient. 
  • Couples photo: Another option is to use a photo taken of the two of you in everyday clothes, perhaps from your engagement shoot. 

Thank You Card Format

Although folded cards are the classic choice for one-photo thank you cards, they are by no means the only way you can go. Here is a rundown of the different formats you can choose from, depending on the utility you desire in the notes: 

  • Folded: This traditional option includes the photo and words on the front and a place for a personal message to be handwritten inside. 
  • Flat: Another choice is a two-sided card that features the photo on the front and room for a message to be written on the backside.
  • Postcard: Similar to a flat card, this style has room on the back for a stamp and address. It is the least formal of all the options. 
  • Heart: To continue with the romantic feel of the wedding, heart-shaped cards are a symbol of your love. 

No matter which shape or color you choose, your one-photo thank you cards are sure to make an impression. Plus, if you are a bit later than you’d like in getting them in the mail, you can use our expedited shipping to receive your order more quickly.

Customer reviews of our Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

July 13, 2015Simple and Elegant <3

"This card was everything I wanted. The photo came out beautifully especially since customer service advised we improve the image pixels and it definitely did make a difference! Customer service was very easy to work with and cropped the photo perfectly!"

November 1, 2014Great card

"Very nice design and looked great with our picture. The designer was even able to adjust a mountain that was covering my dress! Only downside is the cards are a little small."

July 1, 2014Great Card!

"This was a beautiful little card! The printing and paper quality were amazing, and a lot of our guests who received this card told us so! Thank you WPD! :)"

March 4, 2014Perfect thank you cards!

"This is an amazing card, its simple and elegant. Everybody loved it! We didn't change much in the design, just the photo and our names. I wish there was a date in there too but. The white envelopes that comes with the cars are good quality too. I used the ´Fitting Feature´stamp on the envelopes, and its amazing too."

November 13, 2013Fab thank you cards

"This is a very simple but effective design, that allows you to completely personalise the image and text. Perfect for what I wanted. The size is quite small but big enough to write a message."

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