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Postcard Wedding Announcements

If you had a small wedding or decided to elope, you may find yourself in need of postcard wedding announcements. Even if you had a somewhat large wedding, there may be a few people you want to send a formal announcement to. Like with so many other aspects of nuptials, there are a few things you need to know before you order and send out your announcements to ensure you follow the right protocol.


4 Things You Should Know About Wedding Announcements

While some couples choose to take the road less traveled, many others want to keep their wedding day steeped in tradition. If you are one of those more traditional couples, you may find yourself wondering how to properly handle postcard wedding announcements. Before you can mail out your proclamation, you need to know:

  1. Why you should send them. Most couples choose to send out this type of announcement because they were unable to invite everyone to their big day. This is not a required part of a wedding. If you invited everyone who needs to know about your wedding to the ceremony or reception, you may be able to forgo this particular product.
  2. When you should send them. Like with invitations and thank you notes, there is a certain timeline that should be followed. You don’t want the announcements to get to the recipients before you are actually married. Many experts suggest sending out this postcard the morning of your wedding. This may be too stressful for many couples, so consider dropping them in the mail the night before or the next morning.
  3. Who you should send them to. If you sent someone a wedding invitation, you should not send them an announcement. Otherwise, you can send this card to anyone you want.
  4. What you should say. Because this is less formal than a wedding invitation, you can say whatever you want. Some couples choose to use similar wording to their invitations as a way to keep everything cohesive.

Once you have the proper information, you will know exactly how to announce your wedding.

Customer reviews of our Wedding Announcement Postcards

August 27, 2014Wedding Announcement

"The colors and quality of the cards were awesome! They were exactly what I was wanting. The customer service was amazing as well!"

August 20, 2014Simple and nice

"I really liked the outcome of this postcard. The color I chose was seamist and it looked great. The quality was just as I expected. Shipping was quicker than quoted."

April 14, 2014Awesome service.

"I ordered this product from australia and was very impressed with the service. I did pay the extra for quick delivery and I had them within two weeks, Much quicker than ordering a similar product from a card shop here at home. Was maybe slightly smaller than I expected but great quality."

September 23, 2011Romantic View

"I loved the simple yet modern and chic design of the card. It also had color options which was terrific because I could match it to the color of my dress."

June 20, 2011Fantastic Prodcut, awesome service!

"This product was exactly what my husband and I were looking for to announce our wedding. The proof was delivered to us promptly with some recommended changes and the final product was delivered to us incredibly fast. We ordered these on Saturday, April 30 and they were delivered prior to 9:00am on Saturday, May 7. The cardstock was heavy and the image was glossy. The background was a darker gray with "Newlyweds" written in pale turquoise. I'm very happy with my purchase and the announcements received many compliments from friends and family."

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