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Bridal Shower Recipe Cards

Truly Charming

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.29

Exquisite Bride

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.29

Softly Gowned

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.29

Tea Poppies

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.29

Brilliant Burst

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 0.99

Ringed with Roses

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 0.99

Garden Gowned

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.29

Charming Carnations

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.49

Lustrous Love

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 0.99

Bubbly Bride-to-be

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 0.99

Flourishing Proposal

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.09

Royal Roses

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.04

Merry and Married

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.29

Dressed to Thrill

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 0.99

Bohemian Bride

Bridal Shower Games As low as $ 1.34

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Bridal Shower Games

A family bridal shower is a great way to celebrate upcoming nuptials and to spend some quality time with the female members of your clan. Finding bridal shower games that all the generations will enjoy can take some creativity. Consider these ideas to get your guests laughing and having a great time.

Create a Keepsake

Creating a keepsake is a great way to bring the family together in love and support for the new couple. Create a family cookbook by including a preprinted recipe card in each invitation. Ask guests to bring their completed card to the shower and then bind them together or insert them into a booklet with plastic sheet protectors.

Tying a quilt or creating another item that the couple can enjoy during their years together can be a fun activity to accomplish together. Be sure to ask one of the crafty members of the group to finish edging the blanket or finishing the little details after the party ends.

Romantic Trivia

Trivia games are fun for all ages and there are several formats that work well for family gatherings. She said/he said is a great way for family members to learn more about the new addition to the family. Interview the bride and groom prior to the party, asking each the same questions. Distribute a list of the questions with both answers, but don’t tell guests who said what. The guest who assigns the most correct responses wins a prize.

Speed Memory

Memory games are great for groups of any size and are a great way to send the new bride home with some wedding essentials. Fill a basket or purse with 20 or so items commonly associated with a wedding, such as lipstick or thank you cards, and then allow guests 1 minute to memorize the items. After the buzzer, have each guest jot down what she saw in the bag. Send the bride home with the items and all your love and wishes for a happy marriage.

Customer reviews of our Bridal Shower Recipe Cards

January 7, 2015Pretty Recipe Card

"We selected the recipe card because it's in the same color scheme as the invitations we ordered for my sister's bridal shower, so they are cohesive without being too matchy matchy. Her wedding has an ecclectic feel to it, and we wanted to make sure we respected that design esthetic. The paper is nice and thick and the shades of purple are pretty and vivid. We especially liked that there are additional lines on the back of the card in case people need more room to complete recipe directions. I looked at a lot of cards, and this was a real bonus. Overall, this is a great card, and we are totally pleased, highly recommend."

May 8, 2014Custom receipe card

"I purchased these for my sister's bridal shower so guests can bring a favorite recipe for the bride and groom. The cards are nice and thick, with plenty of room to write on back of card, and a spot for who the recipe is from. The only thing I wished I could have modified is the "favorite recipe for the" I wish I could have removed the "the". That way when I put Mr. and Mrs. it is grammatically correct."

April 9, 2014Share Recipes!

"This was great for guests and had a traditional touch that our guests appreciated. Folks shared cocktail recipes, too, which is also a fun treat. A very thoughtful touch for the bride and lots of fun for guests. Highly recommend!"

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