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Square Wedding Invitations

Snowflake Sentiment

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.59

Winter Spirit

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.59

Dark Snowfall

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.59

Vintage Vows

wedding invitations As low as $ 2.04

Exquisite Lattice

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.59

Adorned Frame: Romance

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.89

Cascading Blossoms

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.59

Simply Detailed

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.69

Charming Greenery

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.69

Modern Writings

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.59

Beautiful Strokes

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.69

Delicate Fringe

wedding invitations As low as $ 1.69

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Create a One-of-a-Kind Wedding Invitation 

Weddings are not a new tradition, so it can be hard to find new ways of doing things. However, you can turn something as traditional as square-corner wedding invitations into something unique if given the right tools. Here at Wedding Paper Divas, we know originality may be important to you. That is why we provide professionally designed, easy-to-personalize wedding stationery. What can you do to build a special invitation


Find Your Color 


Because you are designing your invitations, you have probably already picked out a color scheme for your nuptials. Incorporate that scheme into your invitations. We have square-corner wedding invitations in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow and blue. Are you having a hard time finding the right shade? Use the custom color option to perfectly match or complement your hue. 


Set the Tone 


What is the style of your wedding going to be? Are you creating a rustic affair or something a little more modern? No matter what tone you want your big day to have, the invitations can help set the right mood. Look through the different design styles to find the one that is right for you. 

Another way you can set the tone for your wedding celebrations is by focusing on the wording you use on your invitations. For example, introducing your invitation with the phrase “along with their parents” will make the entire thing feel less formal than introducing with the phrase “Mr. and Mrs. Archibald request your presence at the marriage of their daughter.” Wording matters, which is why you can make special requests during the personalization process to say exactly what you want to say. 


Think About the Small Details 


Your guests may not notice the difference between ultra-luxe cotton ecru paper and luxe cotton ecru paper, but that does not mean you should make a decision without learning more. You can find out more about the different paper types we offer to figure out what is right for you. 

Similarly, the printing process used on your invitations can affect the overall grandeur or simplicity of the stationery. Whether you have laser-cut or foil-stamped invitations is up to you, but it is a detail you should think about. If you are having trouble picking a printing process or paper type, don’t forget you can order invitation samples. Seeing the product in person may help you make a decision. 

Are you ready to invite friends and family to one of the most important celebrations of your life? Start creating your own one-of-a-kind square-corner wedding invitations today.

Customer reviews of our Square Wedding Invitations

June 14, 2015Perfect for Winter Wedding

"This design looks exactly the same in person as on the website. I loved the simple design. We are having our wedding on New Year's Eve so it fit in with the season perfectly."

December 1, 2014Perfect!

"This invitation is perfect! Our families were blown away by the quality and they absolutely loved the design. It's perfect for our winter wedding. We love that the design is simple, but whimsical while not being over the top."

September 10, 2014Beautiful

"We love the finished product. Custom colors were not listed for this product but WPD customized our color perfectly and made adjustments to spacing as requested. The shimmer paper we chose gave it that extra sparkle we were looking for."

August 12, 2014Lovely winter invitation

"The color is very blue on the picture, but the actual card is much darker - almost black. In the end, we decided that we liked the dark blue, but it was a little misleading."

July 20, 2014Love this card

"After multiple samples; my fiancé and I have decided on this one! I'm excited for our spring wedding and I love this invitation. I love all the pictures that we are able to put on this invitation and the theme is great."

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