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Beach Bridal Shower Invitations

Expressive Floral

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.49

Tropical Shower

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.49

Beautifully Brushed

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.39

Preppy Bride

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.49

Beach Bride

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.59

Tropical Ombre

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.59

Sea Breeze

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 0.69

Seaside Sweetness

Bridal Shower Invitations As low as $ 1.59

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Do Something Extra for the Bride-to-Be

Every bride deserves to be spoiled, and every bride deserves an unforgettable bridal shower. Do something extra for the bride-to-be with a beach bridal shower. Whether you’re really holding it at the beach, or it’s simply the theme, there are some fun extra things you can do to make it a special event. Before sending out the beach bridal shower invitations, consider planning some of the following:

  • A Beach-Related Menu – This is an especially great idea if your bride-to-be really likes seafood. Appetizers might include shrimp cocktail with a variety of sauces and some mini crab cakes. You could also include sushi and grilled scallops. Grilled halibut and glazed salmon make the perfect main course. They are both light and refreshing and can be paired with a variety of fresh fruits or rice. In snack dishes around the room, you could have goldfish crackers, gummy octopuses and Swedish Fish. For a refreshing beach drink, consider lemonade or piña colada.
  • Creative Party Favors – Send your guests off as they leave with a pair of flip flops. They’re inexpensive and almost everyone wears them. Tie a bow around a pair and include a sweet thank you note with it.
  • Games That Are Fun in the Sun – There are so many games you could play at the beach or at a beach themed party. One idea is to blow up a huge beach ball and write a bunch of questions about the groom-to-be on it. Speak with him beforehand so you know all of the answers ahead of time. Play beach volleyball or just toss the ball around in a circle. Every time it hits the ground, have the bride-to-be pick up the ball and try to answer the question facing upwards. If she gets it right, the bride and bridesmaids each get a gift. If not, she adds a prize to a collection for the groom-to-be and groomsmen.

Partying at the beach, or partying like you’re at the beach, always makes for a fun time. As you get the beach bridal shower invitations ready, consider some of these fun ideas that will make the event extra special.

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