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15 Outside-the-Box Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding Invitations

For many couples, wedding invitations are a monumental part of the traditional charm of a ceremony. Some couples strive to follow wedding invitation etiquette  to the letter, afraid that any stylistic or technical blunder will detract from the refined flavor of their event. For others, however, invitations are merely another outlet to show off their eccentric personal style.

Imagine receiving an email from an engaged couple. You click to open it, and suddenly you see on your screen two good friends, Alexis and Lee. You've known them since college, and they've always been so perfect for each other, creative and charming. She's in a black lace dress, and he's wearing a suit. They're smiling, standing in the middle of a clearing in the woods, holding hands.

Alexis says, "I love you, Lee."
Lee says, "I love you, too."
Alexis says, "Prove it then. Scream it to the world."
The camera zooms in as Lee leans in and whispers in her ear, "I love you."
Alexis asks, "Why did you just whisper that to me?"
And Lee says, "Because you are my world."

Text appears, reading:

Alexis Brittani Kania
Lee Matthew Preston
Request the Pleasure of Your Company
at the Celebration of Their Union
September 14, 2013
4:00 pm
Saltwater Farm Vineyard
212 East Tucker Street
Durbin, Colorado
Reception to Follow

Can you imagine missing the wedding that inspired such an invitation?

Here are a few more creative ways to transform your wedding invitations into a true expression of your personality as a couple:

  1. Take a photo—it'll last longer. Give your wedding invitations a truly personalized look by including a snapshot of you and your fiancé. This portrait op gives you the perfect chance to dress up, use props or choose a special location to tell the story of your love in a unique way.
  2. Make like a movie star. Whether you're super tech-savvy or simply environmentally conscious, modern couples can put their skills to work by creating wedding invitation videos. Film you and your beloved inviting your friends and family to the ceremony, and then edit the videos, turn them into finished files and email them to everyone on your guest list! Let your creativity run wild by freestyle rapping, acting out your favorite rom-com scene, or miming an old-fashioned silent film.
  3. Channel your inner Shakespeare. Instead of following traditional wedding invitation verses, creative couples can compose an original poem to use as the vehicle for all their wedding ceremony details. Whether it rhymes, uses iambic pentameter or follows the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, a wedding invitation poem is the perfect way to put your creative talents to use in a romantic form.
  4. Sing it loud. Singers, songwriters and musicians can also showcase their talents by writing an original wedding invitation song. Everyone is a sucker for a good love song, after all, and singing the details of your big day to your guests will be music to their ears. Share your song digitally, or send a hard copy via flash drive or CD.
  5. Puzzle your pals. Give your friends and family a bit of a challenge by creating wedding invitation puzzles. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku and other common brainteasers will transform your wedding invitations into a fun game—and help your guests remember all of that important information!
  6. Blow it up. Attach a deflated balloon to a flat card, details unseen—but as the recipient inflates it, the screen-printed writing comes to life! This simple idea is equal parts practical, affordable and fun.
  7. Just popping in. Show off your nostalgic side by creating pop-up pieces on your wedding invites. This will be especially cute if it incorporates elements of your upcoming wedding—if you're having a ceremony on the beach, for example, create pop-up palm trees and ocean waves. This artistic dash of originality will seriously wow your guests.
  8. Treat your guests. Including a small gift can sweeten up an already great invitation. Tea bags, gourmet chocolates, potpourri—items that stimulate the senses never go out of style. Tie these in with a clever line and your guests will appreciate the thoughtful token even more.
  9. Consider a Cootie Catcher. As silly as this game may have been on the school bus, it's a great method to organize information in a seriously cute way. Whether your recipients play long enough to get all the details, or just dive right in and unfold the whole thing, the heartfelt delivery will not go unnoticed.
  10.  Etched in wood. Calling all outdoorsy couples! Laser-cut wooden invitations are rising in popularity due to their sleek but warm aesthetic. These are the kinds of invitations that stay displayed in recipients' homes long after the wedding day!
  11.  Wrap it up. One man's trash is another man's treasure. But why can't it be both? Wrap a candy bar in a second wrapper made out of your wedding invitation to add a little extra sugar to your guests' bowls.
  12.  Wear it out. Whether printing on a vintage handkerchief, T-shirt or baseball cap, an invitation on cloth is a creative take on the everyday material. Whether wearable or for decoration only, your design can be anywhere on the spectrum from classic to kitschy.
  13. Between the folds. Intricately (or simply) folded paper designs have long been a part of cultural traditions worldwide for good reason. Origami is classic, humble and unique all at once. You can create origami in virtually every shape and size, so let your imagination wander to the edge of the earth and back.
  14.  Recipe for love. Stir: 1 cup Dave + 1 cup Sally + 2 rings. Serve slightly chilled on November 25, and enjoy! If you and your partner are of the culinary persuasion, mix it up with this unique invitation format.
  15.  Be specific. What is unique about your wedding plans? If you're having the reception in a barn, for example, consider invitations in the likenesses of farm animals and include a single piece of hay. If you and your fiancé met on a cruise ship, lay out instructions on how to fold a goose out of a towel. Show your personality as a pair in your invitations, and your guests will be counting down the days until the ceremony.

No matter what unique invitation style you choose, make it your own! Instead of getting hung up on knocking your invitees' socks off, focus on what type of invitation fits you and your fiancé's personalities best. It's easy to get caught up in the competitive side of wedding planning, especially during peak season. Although you want your big day to stand out, staying true to your personal style is key to choosing the perfect invitations.

In the end, every detail of your wedding is about you and what you find attractive, interesting, and touching. As long as you remember that, choosing the perfect unique invitations will be a piece of cake!

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