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The Top 5 Wedding Invitations Icons for 2009

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations, like all things fashionable and fun, are influenced by the latest trends in other stylish industries, from the art world to design studios and fashion magazines. With so many talented wedding invitation designers finding inspirations in everything artistic and elegant this year, we can look forward to fresh new wedding invitation designs featuring some of these stunning new trends:

  1. Flowers. Floral motifs have been prevalent in wedding invitations for years, but today's floral wedding invitations aren't as frilly or feminine as your grandmother's floral wedding invitations. Look for sleek, modern renditions of flowers in bold colors and graphic prints on wedding invitations throughout 2009.
  2. Peacock feathers. Everything you love about peacock feathers, from the rich jewel tones to the elegant whimsy of their design, will translate to wedding invitations this year. Look for bold color combinations and a luxurious return to feather motifs in every season, but during the fall and winter in particular.
  3. Birds. Designers have been featuring birds on wedding invitations and other wedding stationery for the entirety of 2008, and in 2009 the trend will start to encompass more exotic types of birds. Look forward to wedding invitations full of hummingbirds, owls and other new feathered friends!
  4. Branches. Flowery nature scenes and lush forests are nice, but there's something irresistibly chic and modern about wedding invitations featuring simple branches. This natural motif will make a big splash in 2009.
  5. Dandelions. Dreamy, ethereal and full of charm, dandelions offer the perfect accents to any modern wedding invitations. Look for dandelions outlined in white against bold and colorful backgrounds for the ultimate in radiant and rustic style.

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