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The Top 10 Most Romantic Places to Take Wedding Invitation Photos

Wedding Invitations

Photo wedding invitations are a popular new trend among chic and stylish couples looking for a unique way to express their love. By sending wedding invitations or save the date cards along with photos, these couples open up a special time in their lives, sharing their memories with family and friends. If you are considering taking photos to accompany your wedding invitations or other wedding stationery, browse through our list of the most romantic locations to snap a sweet photo:

  1. There is something undeniably romantic about the beach. Scheduling your wedding invitation photo shoot near the sea evokes a dreamy and whimsical feeling that engaged couples simply adore.
  2. Take your wedding invitation photo in a garden, surrounded by blooms and butterflies, for a classic picture to accent your timeless love.
  3. Metropolitan couples often duck into an old alley or small city street for a wedding invitation photo full of quirky charm.
  4. Another great option for city dwellers is to slow down and snap a few wedding invitation photos in the middle of a busy street. A snapshot of you holding hands or looking into each other's eyes in the middle of all that chaos can create a sweet and lasting memory for everyone who sees it.
  5. If you want your wedding invitation photos to really stand out, select a bright or unusual background. Colorful walls, graffiti or paintings in a museum make fun wedding invitation backgrounds.
  6. Change the traditional pattern of daytime wedding invitation photos by using bright city lights as your background.
  7. Show off your love for your hometown, as well as each other, by making the city skyline the backdrop for your wedding invitation photo.
  8. If you live near a city that's full of easily recognized landmarks, set your wedding invitation photo shoot near a few of them. A picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Space Needle or Mount Rushmore might seem cheesy to locals, but out of town relatives will adore it!
  9. Snowy mountains offer a lush and inspiring and artistic backdrop for any wedding invitation photo shoot.
  10. Hike out into nature to snag a special wedding invitation photo set in a forest far away from the city and the suburbs. This simple natural setting will allow your love to take center stage.
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