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Bridal Invitation Tips-What Else Do You Include?

Obviously the main ingredient in a wedding invitation is the invitation itself. But what else do you need to include? With constantly evolving traditions and modern twists to the wedding, there are plenty of variations to wedding invitations. All of the information within them serves as the first form of communication between you and your guests, like the save the date invitations.

We have put together this list of bridal invitation tips to let you know what to include with your wedding invitations.

Reception Cards

Many modern couples hold the wedding ceremony and the reception in different locations. While the wedding information contains details about the ceremony event, the reception card specifies the location and time of the reception celebration.

Couples also use wedding reception cards when the guest list for the wedding ceremony is somewhat different than the guest list for the reception. Some couples choose to have a small private ceremony and a larger reception. Others do the opposite, choosing instead to share their ceremony with a large group and the reception with only a few guests.

The reception card is placed in the envelope on top of the invitation. Traditionally, a piece of tissue paper separates the two.

Wedding Response Cards

As we stated before, the invitations enable you to communicate with the invited guests. The wedding response cards allow the guests to communicate back with you. On these cards, guests tell whether or not they will be attending, how many will be attending and what their meal choice will be at the reception.

The response card is placed atop the reception card. It must include a response date and a stamped return envelope with your address pre-printed on the front.

Directions and Maps

It is essential to include directions or a map with your invitation as not all of your guests will know the area, especially if you are having out-of-town guests. These inserts should not be photocopies. They should be printed in the same style as the rest of your invitations.

If you are writing directions or developing a map, make sure you check and double check your facts before having them printed.

Accommodation Cards

Accommodation cards are important to destination weddings or for local weddings with many out-of-town guests.

Accommodation cards can include detailed travel information for your guests., including nearby airports, hotel options, area attractions and rental car agencies. If you have booked a certain number of suites in a particular hotel or you have reserved rental cars in their names, you would provide this information on the accommodation card.

Web Sites

Finally, many couples host websites where guests go to find information about the wedding. A simple card that provides the web address could be included within the invitations.

The site could allow guests to RSVP for the wedding, give them details about the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception and provide directions, hotel accommodations and rental card information.

Including reception cards, response cards, directions and maps, accommodation cards and web site information with your invitations offers you the most appropriate way to kick off your wedding and ensure all of the right information is communicated to your guests.


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