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Glossary of Wedding Stationery Terms



The yearly recurrence of the date of a special event. For example, an employee's anniversary with a company takes place one year to the day after his or her first day of work. If the person started working at the company on June 1, 2008, his or her first anniversary would have been on June 1, 2009.


Printed cards that allow a person to inform contacts of an important event or occasion. Common announcements include birth announcements, marriage announcements and moving announcements.

Address labels

Small adhesive labels printed with a person's return address information. They are used on letters, packages and other mail items.


Bachelor party

A party for the groom hosted by his male friends before the wedding.

Bachelorette party

A party for the bride hosted by her female friends before the wedding.


A close friend or family member who assists the bride on her wedding day and during the course of her wedding planning.

Bridal shower

A party thrown for the bride or the engaged couple before the wedding. Traditionally, guests offer gifts to help the couple set up a home together.

Best Man

A groom's close friend or family member who is traditionally responsible for keeping the rings safe, signing the marriage license and announcing speeches at the reception. The best man also typically delivers a speech or toast.


A single flower worn on the lapel of a man's jacket during formal events.

Bride's bouquet

A stylish arrangement of flowers carried by the bride as she walks down the aisle during her wedding ceremony. Many brides preserve their bouquets as keepsakes after the wedding.


Cake topper

Decorative figurines that a couple places atop their wedding cake as a part of their decorative theme or wedding reception style.


Thick, luxurious paper used for printing high quality stationery, including wedding invitations.


Professional food service provided for an event. Caterers are typically responsible for preparing, presenting and serving food and drinks to guests.


A small arrangement of flowers that is either pinned to a woman's dress or worn around her wrist. Corsages are often worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony.


The wide sash that a man can wear around his waist as part of a formal tuxedo. Many modern grooms choose to forego the cummerbund.


Engagement party

A party thrown to celebrate a couple's recent engagement and to help future wedding guests to get to know one another. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the engagement party, but many modern couples host their own celebration.


The high quality eco-friendly paper at Wedding Paper Divas consists of 50% recycled content, including 30% post-consumer waste material. It is also elementally chlorine-free, which further reduces the detrimental effects that the printing process can have on the environment.


The set of conventional rules governing the proper verse and style of important stationery items, including wedding stationery and birth announcements.



Small gifts distributed to guests at parties, showers or other special events.


The title ascribed to the groom in the period between his engagement and his wedding.


The title ascribed to the bride in the period between her engagement and her wedding.


A set of type of a certain style and size that can be used on stationery.



The article of clothing traditionally worn by a bride to hold up her stockings. At many ceremonies, the groom tosses the garter to all of the single men at the reception as a sign of good luck, similar to the bride tossing her bouquet to the single women in attendance.

Gift tags

Small stationery items used for party favors and other presents. They can be adhesive or non-adhesive, folded designs. Many couples customize their gift tags to include their names and the date of their ceremony.


A book signed with messages of love and appreciation by guests attending a special occasion. The guestbook is often cherished as a keepsake after the event.



The oldest and most versatile method of printing still in use today, the letterpress process uses metal plates with raised printing areas. Ink touches only the top surface of the raised areas, and the inked image is then transferred directly to the paper, leaving indented text and images. Sometimes a slight embossing appears on the reverse side of the paper.


Maid Of Honor

An unmarried woman who is the chief attendant of the bride, holds the bride's bouquet during the vows and typically says a speech at the reception. She is usually a very close friend or family member.

Matron Of Honor

A married woman who is the chief attendant of the bride, holds the bride's bouquet during the vows and typically says a speech at the reception. She is usually a very close friend or family member.

Moving announcements

Printed cards that announce that an individual or family has relocated to a new home.



A person who performs a religious service or ceremony, including a wedding ceremony.


Personal stationery

Thank you cards, blank notes and other writing material used to communicate with friends, family and other social acquaintances. Custom personal stationery often features a person's name or monogram in addition to a stylish design.

Photo cards

greeting card or other stationery item that features a personal photo.

Place cards

A small card printed with the name of a guest on it and placed at an appointed table to indicate where the guest should sit.

Pre-shipped envelopes

A service that allows a customer to order and receive envelopes before placing a final order for customized cards or invitations.


A stationery item that lists the schedule of events for a ceremony, celebration or seminar for attendees to read and follow along.



A party, conventionally including dinner, dancing, speeches and other fun events, held after a wedding ceremony.

Rehearsal dinner

The dinner party held after the wedding party gathers to rehearse their parts in the wedding ceremony.

Response card

Also called an RSVP card, a response card is a small stationery item included inside of an invitation that encourages guests to indicate whether or not they will attend the event. Guests should fill out their response cards and mail them back to the party host.

Ring pillow

The pillow used by the ring bearer to carry the bride and groom's wedding rings down the aisle during the wedding ceremony.


An acronym for the French request, "Répondez s'il vous plaît," RSVP commonly refers to a reply to an invitation that indicates whether a person will be attending an event or not.


Save the date card

A personalized stationery item sent six months in advance of a couple's wedding ceremony to alert future guests of the date and location of the event. Save the date cards enable guests to make travel arrangements, reserve that date on their calendars and plan ahead for the wedding festivities.

Signature Matte White

Our uncoated Signature Matte White cardstock is one of the paper options for designs from our Signature Collection. Most cards are printed on 110 lb. paper, but some products are printed on 100 lb. paper.

Signature Textured Ecru

Our uncoated Signature Textured Ecru cardstock is one of the paper options for designs from our Signature Collection. Most cards are printed on 110 lb. paper, but some products are printed on 100 lb. paper.


A fixed, motionless or immovable object; an unchanging state. Frequently confused with the word "stationery." Example: The printing press remained stationary while the operator replaced the paper.


Fine paper and envelopes used for writing letters, notes and other greetings. Popular stationery categories include birth announcements, party invitations, business stationery and bridal stationery. Not to be confused with "stationary," which refers to an immovable or motionless object.


A party held to honor and present gifts to someone. Common showers include bridal showers and baby showers.


Thank you card

A stationery item sent to friends, family members and other social contacts to offer a written message of gratitude from the sender.


Thermography is a sleek and modern printing technique that emulates the refined look of traditional engraving. During the process, printed sheets come off a press and pass through a powder application, where resin is applied to the wet ink. The resin is then removed from all areas except where it adheres to the wet ink. The paper is then heated, causing the resin to melt and fuse to the ink. The substrate is subsequently cooled, finalizing the process and leaving a raised design wherever the resin mixture lies on the paper.

Toasting glasses

A set of glasses used by the bride and groom during the toasts and speeches at their wedding reception.


Formal evening dress for men including a jacket, vest and matching trousers. The attire can be made semi-formal by excluding the vest.


A frame or lattice used to support growing vines or plants.


Unity candle

During many wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom light a unity candle to symbolize their coming together as husband and wife. The bride and groom light the unity candle by joining together the flames of their own, distinct candles in a metaphorical gesture of togetherness.



An opaque layer of fabric worn by the bride as a headpiece. Often the bride wears the veil over her face until she reaches the altar, at which point the groom lifts the veil before the couple takes their vows.


Wedding invitation

A bridal stationery item that an engaged couple sends to their friends and family members to announce the date and location of their wedding ceremony and to invite guests to attend.

Wedding party

The group of close friends and family members who assist the bride and groom on their wedding day, including the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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