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Anniversary Party Themes

When planning an anniversary party, choosing an anniversary party theme is perhaps one of the most important steps in the party planning process in addition to the design of your anniversary party invitations. A party theme sets the tone for your party and will help to create the desired atmosphere.

Here are a few anniversary party theme ideas to help you get started:

  1. Story party - Set up a comfy party atmosphere by putting a rocker in the middle of the largest room at the party venue or on the stage, ask guests beforehand to prepare a story or memory about the couple to share at this time. Photos and accompanying story props can be spread over the room for décor.
  2. Karaoke party - If the couple likes to sing, then why not! Rent or purchase karaoke equipment and set it up as the central activity. Decorate the room with pictures of famous singers, or set up an Emmy awards night as part of the celebration and have the celebrating couple to select winners for each category.
  3. Costume party - Ask your guests to dress up as their favorite celebrity either in a certain category or in any that they wish. You can also turn this into a couple's impersonator contest with each guest dressing as one of the celebrating couple. The guests with the most original or most like the couple win prizes.
  4. Classy party - Set the dress code as black tie only and then begin to prepare fizzy drinks, elegant champagne glasses, a big band, and dancing. You can also make this a black and whatever color is associated with the anniversary being celebrated party with all of your décor being in these two colors.
  5. Masquerade party - Almost any anniversary party can be turned into a masquerade ball with fun, scary, and elegant masks. Be sure to award prizes for the most elaborate, classy, scary, and hilarious masks!

With these anniversary party themes up your sleeve you can make almost any anniversary party sure to go off with a bang! If you're planning a surprise anniversary party, be sure to mention this on your anniversary party invitations. And don't forget to that your invitations should have the same theme as your party.

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