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How to Select a Photo for Wedding Invitations

Taking engagement photos is becoming the thing to do in this modern era. The reason couples are starting to take engagement photos is to share how they were when they first fell in love, what they looked like as their lives started together, how they grew together, favorite places they visited, special places they went (like where they were when proposed to).

Have a Variety of Photos

It will be easier for you to choose which shot you would like to put on your photo wedding invitation, once you have several photos to work with. The different photos can be used for different parts of your wedding and planning. For instance, if you are going to announce your wedding in the paper, you can choose a separate photo for that, as well as if you have a wedding website or would like one at your bridal shower. Most of these photos would be taken in casual attire but one or two may be more elegant in order to provide a variety of photos.

You will want to choose a photo that best tells the story of your love for one another. When you have your photo picked out, you can then decide which wedding invitation design will work best with your photo. Often choosing the design can be as important as choosing your photo wedding invitation.

Designing the Photo Wedding Invitation

You can choose to go simple with a photo of the two of you on plain cardstock with your information for the wedding day written beside you, above you or below you. Depending on how much wording you have and the vibrancy of your photo, you can choose to have some of the information written across certain parts of the photos itself. If you are a tech savvy person, you can create the invitations yourself and have complete control over the outcome. Otherwise you can find local companies you can take your photo to, or browse online for a site that offers customization and the ability for you to upload your photo. Each option will have varying costs and you will need to know exactly how much it will be before purchasing. You will also need to order well in advance so they will have time to be shipped to you so you can then address them and send them out as needed.

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