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How to Pay for Your Wedding Invitations

How to pay for your wedding invitations depends on how traditional or modern you are. Traditionally, the bride's family is who pays for wedding invitations. This etiquette stems from the days when the bride came with a dowry and the size of her dowry determined the type of wedding she had.

In this tradition, the bride and her family pay for all enclosures, announcements, programs and thank-you cards. In fact, the bride's family conventionally pays for most of the wedding.

Today, that tradition is slowly evolving to more modern payment arrangements for weddings. Today, both sets of parents often want to assist with wedding costs. The important part is to carefully delineate who is paying for what.

If you go this route, you would ideally make a budget of everything for the wedding and map out the costs associated with each. Then, it would be easier to determine, equally, who will pay for what.

One of the most common options for paying for a wedding is for the couple to pay for everything themselves. This is because of the independence most couples share in today's society.

So who pays for wedding invitations? Only you can answer that question depending on how traditional or modern you are.

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